MLC Strategic Multi-Asset Income Fund

Enhanced consistent return with reduced volatility

MLC Strategic Income Fund is a "Quality" and "Income" portfolio. The Fund seeks to generate stable, sustainable and risk-adjusted return by adopting a dynamic mutli-asset allocation and long-short strategy globally. 

Go Global

Global opportunities, enjoy multi-asset returns

Why invest in MLC Strategic Multi-Asset Income Fund?

Simple and clear

One portfolio with an optimised mix of global assets with low-correlation to each other. Experienced and reputable investment team to optimize tactical asset allocation to incorporate opportunities while balancing risks and implementing active downside risk management to protect the fund’s value during volatile markets without sacrificing the income earned from the underlying assets.

Go global

Maximise the opportunities for compelling returns by expanding the investment universe, instead of just pure equities or just single country exposure. Enhanced capability to make money in any global market conditions, and achieving yield and maximising total returns during different phases of the global economic cycle.

Regular income

With the primary objective of maximising sustainable yield, the fund intends to pay regular distributions to investors. The payout will primarily come from a portfolio of global high income bonds, high dividend yielding equities, and quality assets with strong balance sheet and reliable cash flow.

Quality style

Focus on cash-flow and dividend investment. Enhance low-risk fixed-income return through effective and optimised usage of leverage. The fund aims to replace the low-risk / low-return part of your portfolios, i.e. pure cash and pure investment-grade bonds.

Enjoy returns from alternative assets

Exposure to alternative investments with attractive risk-return profile, such as preferred securities, alternative property funds, mortgage-backed securities (MBS), pre-IPOs and various thematic ETFs. A well diversified mix of alternative assets can improve the diversity and sustainability of the fund’s income, and offer potential growth for investors.

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The best investment on earth is earth

Real estate investment is a keystone of wealth 

Newfound MLC Property Fund

This is a real-estate-driven economy from top to bottom

Newfound MLC Property Fund invests into different real estate opportunities in US and Canada. The Fund seeks to gain outstanding long-term capital gains by investing into development projects, income property portfolio as well as various specifics alternative opportunities in real estate

Extensive local partnership and expertise bring in high level of excellence in specific real estate expertise, including:

▶ Strong access to off-market deals.
▶ Seasoned experience in tax planning and tax efficiency structure from reputable legal and
audit professional providers.
▶ Real estate advisory and leverage network for day-to-day management and asset-specific
▶ Investment research in the due-diligence of product screening that fits investors .
▶ Formulate best exit strategy and timeline analysis with local partners.

The best investment on earth is earth

Real estate investment is a keystone of wealth 

Mortgage Income -

A Fixed Income Solution

Excellent risk-adjusted return

Newfound MLC Yield Fund

Superior return over other asset classes

Unique Characteristics

Superior returns

•Higher yields than most traditional investments


Steady income

•Reliable cashflow from a diversified portfolio


Less volatility

•More stable than equities and more secure than corporate bonds


Low correlation

•Overseas real estate returns are not driven by global capital markets


Fully collateralized

•Safely secured by real estate assets


Low default rate

•Mortgage borrowers historically tend not to default